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Knife and Fork : Culinary Identities

  • September 17, 2021
  • By Admin: Bernadine Stoner
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As visual identities, these companies have successfully crafted a distinctive aesthetic visible in their design, delivery and overall manifestation. Whether these ventures create their own mustards from inception, deliver grandma’s authentic recipes with a contemporary twist, serve up handmade jams to locals or distill their own liquor, each bring something new to the table.

While these companies differ entirely, they all share an equal caliber of originality and character. The book beautifully executes each artisanal brand’s identity by showcasing their native color palette, logos, product, packaging and shop design.

Ultimately, Knife and Fork succeeds at exposing the art of small businesses capable of creating big design concepts independent from big budgets and funding. From bed and breakfasts to mobile espresso bars, these visionaries have a sixth sense for creative implementation as tastemakers and providers and we thank Knife and Fork for sharing this with us.





Trendland Exclusive


Styling Sonia Rentsch


Photographer Henry Hargreaves


Art Direction Sylvie Lekarski



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