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Adam S. Doyle’s Birds

  • September 17, 2021
  • By Admin: Bernadine Stoner
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\Artist Adam S Doyle is interested in what’s not there, he uses long swift brushstrokes, calligraphic in style, to create his images, bold and simple, yet infused with he essence of the subject.  Using eastern art as a foundation, Doyle manages to find a balance between the elegance of form and a representation of ‘energy within’. This is no easy task,  “I’ve always loved unfinished paintings because you could see the alchemic process of surface and paint transforming into a living person. With my paintings, it does take quite a bit of working and reworking to arrive at the place where every brush stroke fits into a fluidly flowing whole. It’s important to me to find a balance between an elegance of form that holds both visible marks of paint and a representation of ‘energy within.’”  

Details are a main focus as is  minimal color and less is more with technique. Doyle is captivated by trying to visualize energy and in his bird series he gives us a dynamic collection in which the energy is front and center. As I skim through the work, and see how he painted the feathers with  such detail, energy and personality in just a few brushstrokes, I am amazed at the high level of artistry Doyle has, to be able to pull this off.








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